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Orion Si

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"why bout 80% of taxis are vauxhalls especially cavaliers"


Cause you can get em cheap down the scrappers for a fiver! :suprise:


No man seriosly though im not a fan, never driven one ive liked yet, not that they aint a good car, just ive yet to liken to any of the following ive driven..........






Astra (mk3/4/5 driven em all!)


and of course theres always the...................


ASTRA VAN.......... EVIL!!!!!!!!!!


Each to their own!

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Vauxhalls are dead nice. I own one myself. Other famous Vauxhall owners include Michael Jackson, who owns a Vauxhall Vectra, Bill Clinton who has purchased a 1989 Cavalier!


I had a look at the engine, and it doesn't seem too bad. I was just wondering where you lived like. cos cost of postage & packing and stuff, might be cheaper u go to scrappy?



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the scrappys round here dont have many astras (cos they never die :devil: ) and the ones they do have, theyve all been stripped.


you live in wales dont you, i can get a van and Come and pick the bits up, but it does depend on where in wales you live.


also, does it have electric windows, central locking, and is the interior black.


cheers m8 :thumb:

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