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Do you wear a seatbelt when you are driving?  

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After noticing that my seatbelt has bruised me after my accident, I was just thinking about whether everyone wheres their seatbelt or not as I personally know a lot of people who dont.


I personally always do, its a habit! And I'm glad i do otherwise my accident would have been a lot worse :(


What about you? :)

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There have been several cases where people who have had accidents involving air bags going off have sued the companys making their cars for the burns that they can cause...


Stupid if you ask me, if the bags come out, you weren't going to make it if it didn't, so its saved your life. If its saved your life, why aren't you thanking them instead of suing them??? 8o


They have small gaps round the outside edges where the air comes out, problem with that is that it comes out around the wrist area and people get their pandies burned :baby:


Sorry, little rant on safety stuff there!!


Always wear a seatbelt, deffo! :thumb:

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Always  :thumb:


get in > get comfy > start her up > head unit on > seatbelt on > hand brake off > bit of gas n' bite > bit of steering (if required)...


:thumb:  :roll:


get in > get comfy > put seatbelt on > start it up > head unit on > drive as normal


unless its cold and its outside my house its....


open door > start her up > shut and lock door > go inside for 10 mins > go back outside > unlock door > get comfy > HU on > seatbelt on > drive as normal :D

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if u have an airbag not wearing a seatbelt means youll probably die anyway.. the pretensioners in the belts help keep u against yr seat so u dont take the full force of the bag.. id rather take a few burns from the airbag than a mashed up head


so in answer to the question.. yes i do  :)


well i have my own air bags :roll: although one of them is bruised now ;( :roll:

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