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If you could turn back time


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only a few things.


i'd have bought a house with the deposit I had instead of a mk5 RS2000 :roll:


would also have done my HGV at 21.


wouldnt have bought the saff, should have waited and saved more, would have had an Esc Cos now.


other that that, i've been happy/am happy


cant turn back time, so i dont dwell :thumb:

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Dont think i'd of went to uni, although its a giggle, i'm in 12k stewdy debt and seems as thought mates from school who got jobs have claimed up the ladder and on decent enough wedge now anyway, and they've been earnin for last 6years!


And these trainers are a bit crap, squash my feet, I wish i'd of picked the other pair! D'Oh....

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Dude hope the missus dont read that, think she might be a little upset.


I would change quite a few things. I wish I had concentrated at school and done my work, passed all my GCSEs etc, I know I can do it, but couldnt be bothered. I wish I had studied something other than computers at college, because I hate them. I proberly would have gone to Uni. But dont know about that one. Oh and the main one at the moment, I would not have made that stupid huge Fcuk up of a mistake I made with Jade (if you don't know, don't ask). However im trying my hardest to rectify the last problem, hey, you never know, life could be nice to me for once.

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