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For the clock face mod..


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ok so I got the templates, made up my uber-cool clock face and got it all sized up and printed out. Now however, I have the problem of actually getting the dash off and the clock out. I have never done anything to this car, this will be my first "mod" lol, so I'm not familiar with a lot of it. All I can find is two screws above the dials, which I took out, then had a good tug on the dash but nothing hapenned. please help me I want this clock face!


cheers in advance

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pull the 3 heater knobs off, undo the 2 screws in the top bit, there are 2 clips above the centre blower holes and another 2 pretty much in the same position under the knobs. there is another 1 above the side blower hole and 1 below fog button. just be care full u done crack it or lose the clips. they can fly quite well.


there might be another on the lefthand side of it, not sure.


did this yeaterday at the scrap yard and itrs gonna have a nice coat of ford silver and gloss, i also got those little screw off rings that go round the side mirror adjusters and those two useless little side window clearing vents. and a full set of inside door handles, just need leather and the interior is done

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Wow there matey, no need to take the dashboard out to get the clocks out. Take the steering coloum surround off and the wiper/light stalks. then take the plastic clock surround off this will give you access to the 4 little bolts holding the clocks in place. At the back of the clocks there will be 1 multi connector if you're car is pre 95 or 2 if its post 95, thet're will also be the speedo cable. The speedo cable can be a :censored: to get off the back of the clocks. If you're really having trouble you can take the steering wheel off, its a hassle but better than taking the whole dash out. let me know if you need more info. :thumb:
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