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Well selling your body to me for £500 didnt work did it  :roll:  :P

fpmsl, tried selling it to matt as well ;(





EDIT: besides who said anything about my body? i said buy me! and with me, i could clean your car everyday for 500 a year :D keep it spotless lmao

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sell your morettes for a start ;)


sell anything which aint bolted down :thumb:


When i was in trouble i flogged anything i could find on Ebay, sold my poor PS2, never bought one to replace it though so just shows it was pointless owning in the 1st place!!! :D

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Yeah sell everything that is not necessary and gradually start over again when you are more financially sound. Sell everything off your old car on ebay even the shell if you cant dispose of it for free someone is bound to buy it for 99p and it could save a £45 diposal fee around here :D
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sell your morettes for a start ;)



ive got fcuking queues everywhere for them!!!!


How much are the insurance paying out for your car??


they arent

im only third party i refuse to claim for a car that was worth 500 quid anyway :( and my insurance will be sky high coz my no claims arent protected :(


i got brand new headlight, speedo without a rev counter :(


i could sell my rear bumper............ ;( no i cant ;(


god theres gotta be some shite about my house 2 sell


1 full interior, 2 si seats(pmsl only just brought them as well)


drivers side skirt lmao


my sub.... could sell that ?(

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