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my car.


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time has come to sell my car ;( i have bought a sensible family car of german origin :jaw: .

My escort 1.8si, has 3 months MOT,

and 2 months tax,

78000 miles,


usual si gear.

i would like to sell it with everything on it but if someone wants to hagle the price to much then i will sell bits, and they can have the car almost standard, i am open to offers on my asking price but not to much under what i am asking, hope that makes sence X( .







p.m. me if any interest and i will give you a price and go from there. :thumb:

I am only selling as i need a biger car with more space for me and the family.


just 2 add i have given it an oil change and cleaned out the coolant

will make a great car for someone.

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