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Selling my escort


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Im selling my Escort!


was wondering what sort of price I should advertise it for.


Its a dark green P-Reg Mk6 1.8 si

Has GTi skirts and spats and 16" mondeo alloys.

Covered 86k

It hasnt got alot of history

MOT till next November

12 Month Tax

It has had 4 owners from new.


so what do u think I should put it up 4?? ?(

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about a grand sounds about right if its clean


Naaa, if its in good nick then i'd say wack it up on autotrader for around 1500-1700 and see what happens! Thats only if its in good condition of course!


eh?!!!! its a sad world but Escorts aint selling for much these days (apart from Cosworth ones!!) a Gti sold on here few weeks back for 1500 quid!!!!!! :(

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