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Lee R

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also to Mike C, isnt ya mk5b on the road dude? :)


no it ain't mate, well, it's all legal, but it's in 'till next week getting a few bits and pieces done to it before it finally goes up for sale properly, and also when the insurance ran out i didn't bother getting it re-insured for me cos it was costing more to insure for me than the GTi X(



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Wonder if I'll get ID'd? :O  ?(  :roll:


seeing as you'll be driving a car, i very much doubt it ;) :baby:



That reminds me about the story of the guy who got ID'd for cigs in a petrol station.....after filling his car up with petrol... :D

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have you just got up or are you still awake?


i've just finished my lab report to hand in at 3.00 today :)


i'm going to bed for a while :thumb: lol



just finished work, just about to go bed. :thumb:


tomorrows gonna be a killer, up at 6am, and I have to work tomorrow night ;(

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