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I have lots of pics :roll:







Here is a picture from behind the unit



You can get all the bits you need from Quad Conversions, they don't sell it as a kit though, if you tell them what you want to do they will send you all the bits, not sure what it costs now, but was a few hundred quid, think in total I spent over £500 getting them looking good and not leaking.


The top lights fit in fine, they are made for the cases, but the LED rings are too big for the out case and won't screw into the back plate like they should, meaning you have to effectively make your own brakets to hold them on, I used bits of metal, bits of plastic, all sorts. Then when I got them on the car and got them looking good I found a pool of water in the boot and realised they aren't sealed at'll, you can't use the ford seal and water pours through the light rings anyway, I used a silicon sealant gun to seal the lights on, and used the rubber gaiters from a steering rack cut in half and pulled over the pods at the back (with the wires going through the centre) to stop the water coming through there.


Its not an easy job to get them to fit and even hard to get them looking good with everything lined up, but if your up for a challenge and have a few hundred quid to throw at it, they do look good, especially at night :thumb:



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No problem mate, I've got to do it all again now, strip them all down and respray them for the new car then build them up again and water proof them :(


Going to change all the bulbs for LED ones though, as if they blow you have to strip the whole lot down again (cutting away the sealant 8o ) and with my boot install right behind them I would have to take all that out as well, who designed this car! :vangry:

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