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More Problems :(


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Jacked the car up today to realise they hadent swapped the pins for the wheels over so i cant put the spacers back on so i though ahh well Fcuk it i will drop it on its arse instead for the show only to realise that i cant lower the suspension any lower coz the inside of the wheel then touches the Damper :nutter: :nutter:


So my car is gonna look fcuking shite tomoz rear end it in the sky and the wheels are so far in you cant see them :curse:


Debating weather to wash the fcuker now or not :vangry:



Booked in nexted week to get the old pins put back on this new rear beam :)

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It isn't really that hard to switch them over, you basically just hammer the old ones out then use a nut to pull the new ones in.  Me and my friend spent about 10 minutes each wheel doing this when I put my spacers on your car.



It is when you have a rs2000 rear beam with disks :nutter:

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