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shoe polish yum yum


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a chemical that shouldnt be used in food (usually used in shoe polish :roll: ) has contaminated a lot of food :roll:

had an EPW at work, taken about 25 lines or something of the shelf so far :jaw:

apparently its 350 lines tho :eek:


bbc story

gov site

list of affected foods


:) im bored, so thought it might interest ya

ive had people fookin ringing me up all night shouting down the phone at me saying they are gonna get cancer


why the Fcuk did they say that? are they trying to create some kind of fcuking hysteria?

Food Standards Agency Chief Executive Dr Jon Bell said: 'Sudan I could contribute to an increased risk of cancer.
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as long as it dont affect maccy Ds then i is happy  8)


it does :D


Low Fat Caesar Dressing, McDonalds Restaurants, Up 16/02/2005 production, Sauce


but only if ur a salad eating Mc D's customer!! (yeah right!!!!! eh?!!)

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