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going to hospital

speed freak j

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going nxt monday grrr, i went to dermatology 3 months ago for my acne which im having treatment for. when i arrived he looked at this little black patch on my forehead and goes thats gotta come off lol, i thought he was joking lol, just got a letter through for day surgery lmao. 8o
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iv just come back from surgery, i got called in early sniff, i was the only patient to trun up as the rest canceld beacuse i snow, i just thgink they werwent brave like me lol, well they took me in and i giggled all the way thru the opp holding a nurses hand :baby: , i was in there for about hald an hour, they cut an inch off around it! and iv now got 4 stitches, a headache and this blooming thing



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