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how do i find codec's


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ive downloaded a film and it plays but their's know sound and windows come up with an error saying can't find the codec for it. so i clicked web help and it cant find it either. so were can i get the update codec's from. but i dont know what code i need for it though as i cant find it or it dont say it
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the first one i could'nt find it and that nimo codec pack 5.0 build 9 Beta 1, i downloaded it but it would'nt play the movie at all so i unistalled it and then it would'nt play some movies properly after that so i had to reinstalled xvid codec. the movie is running in divx format.it was running in xvid format but i reinstalled divx pro.thats the file name Oceans.12.TELECINE.5.1.AC3.XviD-DiAMOND.CD1

i really aint got a clue how to sort it out

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At the end of the day WINDOWS SUX!


I love using Mac's now there way better!





theyre great macs, if your into graphic design or making music


anything else theyre pants


No games work

only about 10% of all software is MAC compatible

MAC stuff is never supported properly

Apple macs are just over priced eye candy for people who think they are above windows users, in fact they suffer from worse problems


Some people say "My Mac never gets viruses nobody targets macs"


Thats cos they suck and theyre screwed up enough already! why target a system that only 2% of the population use!

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