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putting new wires in the front door


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i got a mk6 and all the wires going into the doors are on a quick release plug hoe the fuk woud i be able to chase sum new wier for my comps ??? has ne 1 had a mk6 with new wier put into the doors if so how did they do it. the only way i can think of doing it is to cut the plug off and rejoin the wiers and then u could trace all the wiers u want i need to chase to leads of wiers t run the comps at the bottom of the door and a wier to the top speak im gonna have all the speaker wiers upgraded.
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I done somthing similar on my old fiesta, I drilled a hole in the door a couple of inches below the multi plug and a matching hole in the door frame, I primed and painted the exposed metal and then put two grommets in the holes. Open the door fully and you can see how much cable you need to bridge the gap, allow a slightly longer lenght than required. Then simply run the cable through the two grommets. I used some proper competion cable with clear insulation and it looked well cool. :thumb:
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