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What LeeR and Ross get upto


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how do those things actually go with no trailor on the back? I know for the most part they are limited to 56 aint it? They quick up to that point?





would say they'd beat my GTi to 56, well, our 420bhp Scania's would :)



turn the traction control off, and they slide very easier ;)

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he he he, sounds cool! you and Ross shoud "borrow" one if it snows and get some video of it in a car park!! LMAO :roll:


did it in Stoke on Trents yard in December or whenever it snowed in a lot of places execpt where we live!!!!!! Then thought oops, no hazards on for driving in the yard and CCTV all over the place!!!!! nowt was ever said! :D


They snake well :D i've braked soo hard once that the trailer ended up parked in the opposite lane going into town on my way out :)) :D :D didn't even mean too

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I 180'd a 17.5 Ton Truck the other week in Norfolk. Was the middle of nowhere on this large roundabout. I usually spin the back wheels and have a little bit of sideways action, but this time there was some camber and a bump :pancake: Needless to say the thing went right round, and I had to drive over the roundabout to head the right way again as there wasn't enough room to 3 point turn it properly.


Im normally pretty good at controlling slides even in the bigger trucks.


Today I had to drive a sprinter :thumb: Needless to say that fcuker got some serious abuse. 3rd gear drifts on roundabouts. If any of you were in the Gravesend and Dartford area's maybe you saw me :P

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