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Bedford RSOC Track day

Lee R

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Wern't too bad, wasnt expecting much from it cos the location was restrictive and its was Beds RSOC first 'hosting' show :)


good to catch up with the usual people as always :)


how cold? :O



Wyn, your car looked a beast round the track :drool: :thumb:


I might well be close to purchasing an Esc Cos :)) , gonna do my absolute upmost to get it :))

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yeah, was a quality day, defo a nip in the air tho lol


was some good stuff goin' on, yeah, Wyn's car looked mental, and that Metro :roll:


Concours MK2 RS2000, what can i say? :drool:


yeah Lee, the cossie in question is very nice ;)


Best sounding cossie of the day tho, K3V's, smooth as u like


was good to see everyone again, seemed a lot of people's cars had been in the wars for one reason or another tho! X(


some nice machinery on show


Also some funny as fcuk things said just before we left lol, can't remember it all, but Trev and Sticker Paul? Fit as fcuk! :drool: :)) :baby: :roll:


and i'm not getting married just yet ;)

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yes goes very well mate, put it this way chaps monday morning GGR will be getting a call to tell them there 400bhp convesion is a steaming pile of poo follow with a call to 118 "yeah can i have the number of mr ahmed bayoo"


:roll: Mines only standard too. :innocent:

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Well I enjoyed me day out  :O

Shame things didn’t quite go to plan tho, I was more then willing to take peeps around till I found the pass wasn’t transferable  :(


Still a laugh tho, even tho they did boot me off in the end for being to noisy again  :D


:thumb: Cheers for the offer Wyn, shame i never went out :( .Thanks for the offer, maybe another time? Al.

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Class day!!!!!! First Show of year, and a bloody cold one as well.


Great to get together, Furry and al's cos sounded sweet and the convoy was class,


Thanks to all who came and had a laugh, Food could have been better organised but apart from that all is good.


Had a class cuppa at Lee's House on way back as well, what a fcuking laugh hahahahaah :roll: :roll:



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