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Fitting a cold air feed / force ram induction.

Timmy C

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Ive taken my bumper off today and i thought i may as well try and fit this universal force ram induction kit ive had liein about.


I just need help on where to route it cos my cars a tdi and its a bit awquard!!


The only way i can see to do it is to relocate the washer bottle! The 1st pic shows where i want to put the kit and where the bottle is. I want to put the filter part shown in pic 3 in the red circled bit.


The second pic shows it all from the top. The base of the origional filter box can be romoved. The only way to get through is to remove the washer bottle! Maybe i could re-locate it to where the filter box used to be, you recon it would be hard??


The last two pics show what i want to fit.






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if you're serious about it mate then i might have an idea for you to clear up some space. Locate your washer bottle in the boot!


Find a suitable location and mount it with cable ties or what ever. then cut the rear hose and mount the rear hose on the rear outlet on the pump and take the other end and stick it on the front outlet. join the hoses at the front of the car were the washer bottle used to be. On the new front hose you'll need to change the direction of any one way valves you find, just take em out flip them over and put them back in. Have a look at the diagram I've made the top part is the stanard setup and the bottom is somthing like the modded setup should look like. Hope this helps cos it would be one very unique mod. :thumb:



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IMO it wont work




when u do ur front screenwash, the pressure is greater thatn the backone and the back one takes ages for the water to come through. this will habppen to the front ones if you extend the tubes as the pressure will not be great enough


IMO, leave well alone, u wont see any more gains than the one u have on ATM

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