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Got my bonnet!!


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ok, won it last night and went to get it today


(was a 383 trip and still have about 10 mile left in the tank WOOOHOOOO and thats WITH a decat!!!)

anyway, eventually found the guys house, pulled up and he removed the cover, OMG nothing what the pics said, i was that disgusted i walked away :censored:


He shouted ok its not what i said, so i shouted yeah you can get banned from :)) ebay for that :curse: so he said ok al take £30 off (only paid £50 in the 1st place)


so i agreed, he said he would take my bonnet off me for a fiver (so i've only paid £15 for it really) :pancake:


got it on as near as i can to lookin equal, will play aroudn with it tomorrow, get it str8 then work on the actual WANK/shite filler/spray job the guys done :jaw: ;( ......anyway heres some pics on my motor had loadsa head turns already espesh on the motorway overtaking ppl lol, went to the garage for a #1 and got told it looked mean as fook! :D :devil:

ok heres the pics...... i'll be doing a progress report of it too







all opinions/comments/things to think about welcome :thumb:

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not on my shape m8, i dont really like it, craig(sumit) as covered his smiliey up and i dontreally like it.. (sorry for 5getin name and dissin car m8 lol)


and yes i am going to remove that horrible bit of metal in the middle aswell and replace meshes wth ST

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o m g i think my car is broken then ;( ;( ;(

lol, i was VERY pleasently suprise though! :D



It may be just me but IMO it does not look right maybe if the grill was closed off or angled it would look right I dont know X(

dont get what you mean m8, i understand the closed off bit but i dont like the look of mk5bs with the grill smoothd over, but having the grll angled???

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