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Fookin 'ell, lost me wallet


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GOD!! I'm so pi**ed off with myself. Just got out the tax, had a look on the seat (saw nothin) so I closed the door.. then I checked me pockets and couldnt find my wallet.. rang the taxi firm and they said that they had no record of anyone picking up from Oldham.. in other words, this dude was picking up illegally.. he was in a registered car, and called to base, but he hadn't called the original pick up in.... i know my wallet is in his car but no one responded to the base mans shout on the radio. Grrr, i know its my fault for not checking, but fooking hell..


left em my number.. not holding my breath. I've cancelled my cards already.

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Taxi's are B*stards mate, they're always tooting their horn outside my window at like 4:00am :vangry:

FFS do they not know some of us have work not to go to PMSL :D

Still out of order though TBH, its a residential street :(

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Is there anyone you can report the taxi company to?


for what??? his wallet or picking up passengers????


Wallet = the police

passengers = the council that licences the taxis in the 1st place





For picking up passengers and not letting the controll desk know. I thought that was illegal. ?(


They make so much cash its not like they need to rip you off! £20 cash for a 10-15 minute drive


Hate taxis and the way they all drive :vangry:

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They make so much cash its not like they need to rip you off!




common mis-conception ;) I made a fair bit, but then spent alot of time dodging the inland revenue :O


Most do it properly, and dont earn mega money tbh. Also, most do 60 hours a week to earn a decent wage. Fair play to em :thumb:

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Well it must be differnt down here.

The taxis i get in never put it on the clock. You have to aggree a price before you get in or you could be in for a shock and be prepared to wait for another when they tell you double what you normally pay.


Its got to be easy to cheat the system they can just say they were stuck in traffic/ sitting at the taxi rank when really they are pocketing the money.



Well thats my view of them and i wont mention the ones who dont speak english or have any idea where they are going.

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That post actually made a bit of sense considering the amount I'd drank.. Hmm. :cheers:


Basically, the guy at the Taxi Base said that no one was likely to answer his call the cars, because they'd be admitting that they'd picked someone up illegally. I get that, but come on.. so everyone who loses a wallet when they've flagged a cab, has NO chance of getting it back??!?


Its no big inconvenience tbh,.. I've got new cards on the way and I can get new card for gym and Costco when I go there next. Only had a couple of quid in it.. just a shame that I lost the wallet though, coz it was a real nice leather one.. a prezzie :(

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this is why i never carry a wallet! u lose it u lose all thats in it ie cards, money ect.... just carry cash in ya pocket its alot easyer!"


i carry a wallet n mobile phone, i just don't loose em :thumb:


never have either

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