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Ford Racing Badge

Mike C

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i have one on my air box the hard plastic ones????


and one on my boot on the drivers side, if you want it you have can haver the one on the airbox


i was thinking of you the other day when i thought of this cos i know u bought a load of e-bay if i remember correctly. I saw the one on your airbox yesterday too


yeah, i'll have it mate if u let it go, how much u after? :)

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from ford there about £8 each i think and then £8 postage no matter how many you have :)

Ford wouldn't sell them to me without a Racing Puma chassis number :( Mike, they were originally from Trev@FordParts and they weren't cheap ;(


i was thinking they were gonna be dear. Still got the one, but it's a bit scratched so wanted a knew one


glad i got one in the bag for a fiver then! :D

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