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MY Super SEXY!!!!!!!! 5-Door!


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Susspension: Lowered about 60-80mm i recon, I havce the H&R sus kit on so it's hard to get the mm right when i have adjusted it 3times since i got the car,


Engine: 1.8 Si Zetec

Body kit: Well wouldn't u like to know

Alloys: 17"

ICE: 3000W(1200W RMS) Boss Mono Block Amp, 2 cheap 500W 6x9's, Xplod Sub 1200W, 8 CD Changer, Panasonic tape player head unit.

Extras: Induction kit, clear indicators, Painted drums and calipers.


now for the pictures?







A Few more pics at: http://e-xtreme.net/mycar/


These pics are a few weeks old, i'll try and get some better one's done tomorrow! if not it will be next sat/sun.

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