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Does anyone else ever meet some people again whom they went to school with, but were right nasty to you at school ?


I was gettin chatted up by the school boot today at a restaurant, couldn't believe it! She was a waitress there. :tired:



Don't you just hate discovering all those people again once you've left school! I thought i had got rid of them! :(

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i saw a guy a few years back that made my senior school years a living nightmare.. looked like a right fooking looser and very miserable..


made me feel good inside to see the dip shite looking like that  :roll:  :thumb:



i know what you mean andy. seen a few ppl from school who were the bully's and members of the "in" crew, now most of em are flitting from job to job with no prospects. makes me happy seeing em like that :D

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yup meet a bully a few weeks back when i was at work but she is alomost a year younger than me, she wanted to meet up coz i had a car pmsl and id changed since school, erm i dont think so.


shoulda made some false plans and "stood her up" as it where :D nice little parting shot :pancake:

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i always see people from school, normally bump into ex GF's, lol

there the worseand i nearly ran over the guy who used to bully me, its a damn shame i missied eh, lol

i tend to find once u get over the who do u still see it get acward, then u say your late for lunch or a meeting or your dog died, absalutly anything to get away, lol


does that make me mean X(

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