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Installin ChrisW I.C.E


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Was talking to Chris this mornin' on MSN and he said that he'd bought a sub + a amp from members on our site, so i offered to install for him (like the kind guy i am :innocent: )

Pulled up to his, sun was shining (melting the snow which i was having fun in before hand)

got started on routing the power cable through and BANG heavy snow from all directions so we couldnt hide behind a wall or summit, or point the car in a certain direction


so i knew a run down garage that we could shelter under, so off we went


and once we were there i got busy again trying to route the FECKIN power cable (BTW this was my 1st mk6 install, i was a virgin but chris popped me)

anyway eventually got it through and got it hidden, then had to run the RCA+remote down the other side, got that done and encountered a problem...no power to the amp, checked all the wires everything was fine, checked the earth, and chris just happened to glance at the amp as he was turnin the ignition off and noticed it was flashin with 'protection' so sumit was up, it later turned out that it was jsut telling you that the protection was 'arming' itself and then we had green for the power WOOOHOOO then we took a few pics after everything was sorted

i must say those fusion subs are very good lil things indeed!!!!!

:O max poo!!






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