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what knobhead


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:nutter: :nutter:


Just had a good at changing my dails, everything was going fine. I got the dash off unplugged all the wires and got my new dails on.


I was putting it all back together making sure to check everything was working as i was doing it, was really pleased with it as this is the first real mod i have done myself.


So i took it for a spin to show off my dails and then thats when it happened.


I look at my speedo and

IT WASN'T FU*KING WORKING!!!!!!!!! :kill: :kill: :kill: :kill: :kill: .


Its to dark now to strip it back down so iwll have to take a chance and drive it like it is to work and hope i dont get pulled.

:censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored:

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unluckey matey. i must admit ive dun it before. if you et puloled just say that you ad your speedo go down and will av to have it in garage tomorrow. theyll prob give you a ticket to get it fixed in seven days then tomorrow just ix it and take the car back to cop shop and they inpect it and then give you the all clear (or thats what they do where i live)
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!!!! IDEA !!!!


Install a switch hidden under the dash so you can turn the speedo off!


Then flip it when you get pulled for speeding!


Then say look mr cop cop my speedo dont work, just stopped working this jorney! in the politest and bummeyest way possible. He says blah blah blah 7 days to fix blah blah blah.


Then the day before you have to take it to be inspected remove all traces of the switch.


Heypresto 3 points and a fixed penalty avoided

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Its not illgeal to have a none workin speedo so you wouldnt need to make a excuse, but usin it as a excuse if u got caught speedo is like saying my dog ate my homework it aint gonna work.


My speedo went bout 6 months wivout workin, passed MOT etc etc, have to use road angel and sat nav to get a gps speedo :cheers:

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