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Now on 18' OZ Chrono's


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I'm over the moon with them!!!!!!


Great to meet demondave, hope you like your new wheels! :thumb: :D


Can't feel any acceleration loss..... it still gets up to 110 easily too! Well impressed with the grip levels, feel just as good as the 17s :O :cheers:


These haven't rubbed at all (yet!) but my 17s rubbed a couple of times on Saturday!


My parents weren't happy I was changing my white 17s, but actually prefer these and think I made the right decision! :O :roll:


Sooooooo glad they're 18s not 17s, means I can fit massive brakes behind a couple of years down the line when it'll need 'em :) :drunk:


Was considering painting them white (if I could get replacement OZ & OZ Racing decals, but they look so good silver, I'm not sure what to do! ?( X(


Can't wait to get the bonnet & tailgate done, will get rid of the rest of the curvy mk6 styling!

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