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jumping out of reverse


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Mines doen it twice in 2 years, i dont care.


SteveA i get that about 1 every 2 weeks.


here what u need to so if u really want to fix it. if u only need to readjuts the shift seleoctor then its an easy job.





Car and Light/Medium Commercial 16.10.1995





Section: 16


Model: Escort '95½MY with iB5 manual transmission up to and including transmission build code suffix E23 (23.05.1995)


Markets: All


Subject: Jumping out of reverse gear


Parts required



Reverse gear cranked lever (only up to build code E23) Finis 1 014 735

Gasket - transmission housing Finis 6 741 056

Gasket - end cover Finis 6 116 183

Gasket - fifth gear housing Finis 7 092 552


Labour time


check and recitify the gear shift adjuuectment 0.2 hours

removing transmission No Idea

Renewing the reverse gear cranked lever 1.5 hours



Service Intructions


Should a customer express concern about the transmission jumping out of reverse gear, the gearshift adjustment should be checked as detailed in the Escort Service Microfiche, Operation Number 16 513 0 and rectified as necessary. If the concern cannot be rectified by correcting the gearshift adjustment, then the transmission should be removed as detailed in the Escort Service Microfiche, Operation Number 16 114 0, and the reverse gear cranked lever should be renewed (see Parts Required).


The operation Transmission - Dismantle and Assemble for the B5 transmission is contained within the Escort Service Microfiche. The operation steps for fitting of the new parts can be taken from that description, as they are not affected by the differences between the B5 and the iB5 transmission. A description of the dismantling and assembly of the iB5 transmission will be contained in the next Service Microfiche (edition 09/95).



Only use transmission fluid that meets the specifications listed below.

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