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A topic thats been before im sure


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im sitting at work, contemplating the pain from my wisdom teeth and i wondered whatcars i would buy if i won the lottery?


im sperated them into three catordories so i dont get too carried away.


GT car: a car used everyday and sunday shops etc


special car: to show off a bit


another special car just for the occasional weekend


I just wondered what all of you would think of having?


mine would be;


GT Car: Aston Martin DB9 lol


Special car: R34 Skyline GTR tuned to silly power


another special car: a mad hummer H2 or similar lol

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i'd get a Gartrac 4x4 mk4 escort with 700bhp of YB power for me special car


a Ferrari 360CS for weekends


A Brabus SL-V12 Bi-Turbo for every day use


and a Hummer H1, the original and the best for winter time :thumb:


OI! only three ;)

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