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Does anyone know what this maybe......


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Does anyone know what this maybe....


Between 2100 and 2400rpm (very specific) I get this loud rattling. Anything under or above and it's silent. :curse:


I have taken it to 2 garages and they both thought that it maybe my cam-belt, but it's not the torsion is fine and the belt still has the lettering on it- indicating that it's not worn. :)


I wondered if it maybe my exhaust shield. The piece of metal which is above the exhaust underneath the car- that came losse about 4-5 months ago, but that is still well up there and has not fallen, on to the exhaust. X(


The vibration sounds like it is coming from the left of the car, when I'm in the drivers seat. Ironically where the exhaust shield is.I can also feel it through the gear stick, but then again the doors rattle and I can feel it through my seat, between that rev range. :censored:


It has been doing it for 2 months, and I have had to put me music up really loud to droen out the noise, but I can't take it anymore. :vangry: :vangry:


Does anyone know what this maybe? ?(

Or had a similar problem? ?(


Please could someone suggest what this maybe be, or shed somelight on this. Cheers. :cheers: :thumb:

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But the problem is, is that it does it all the time between that rev range. :nutter:


It's not effecting the performance or anything.


Oh ye and there is a huge rattle, when I'm parking and the road cambers down to the left- this is what me think it was the exhayst rattling against the heat shield. X(




Does the engine tighten up or something? ;)

Or the exhaust flaire out? ?(

It just doesn't make sense!!! ;(

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I can't suggest what it is.... but it's obviously some loose metalwork (vague I know :O :roll: )




It's to do with sound wave frequencies and the frequency of the vibration of the metal becoming almost identical (hence, particular rev range).


High up in the revs, the frequency of engine vibration is too high for the metal to vibrate and clatter.

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That does make sense, about the sound waves, cause it's gota be something like that cause it only happens at such a small specific time and rev range. X(


Pete-robins thinks it maybe the CAT, that is one thing I didn't think of but maybe that could be a possibility. ?(


There are surely only two things it could be-




The heat shield on the exhaust.


It's not under the hood cause I can hear it behind me, and underneath the passengers seat.


New exhaust is going on in a week, so the garage putting it on may be able to have a look to see if it's the heat shield.

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If it is the bloody heat shield, I am gona rip it off- trust me- then stamp on it!! :evil:


A couple of peeps have said the CAT now, so will have to get that checked out. :thumb:


My number plate is stuck on- getting new one's one soon anyway, but my rear plate is only just hanging on- the subs are vibrating it off. :devil:


As for the squirrel I shot it ages ago- and sold it to some chav to put round his coat hoodie. :nutter:

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