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Another newbie i'm afraid..


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hey i'm a newbie too does n e 1 no were i could get the evo stickers from i just got my windows tinted and wanna get sum stickers on them let me no please dudes

u get stickers whe u become a member mate - Fill out this form... :thumb:


or look at this thread...


Welcome to EVO both of ya :cheers:

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ello and welcome  :cheers:  :cheers:


Fiesta Si, 1.4 or 1.6???


any pics of the motors??  ?(




The Si is a 1.6 mate.


Here's some pics;


The escort story: Bought this off a mate when I had just got my provisional and a sort of post-driving project as I was itching to get modding cars, but its sold now as I cant afford to run both of the cars and the escort has a number of problems. Pics:








The Fiesta story: As my parents didnt know about my purchase of the escort for about 6 months, they deicded to buy me the SI as an 18th B'day present, which is why i have two cars. Pics:










There's you go.


Thanks for the warm welcome guys :thumb:



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