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Phone question


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I know Nokia phones come with 18 months manufactures warranty to take into account the self life before its purchased...


if its still in the warranty period then where ever you bought it from will take it and get it sent off to nokia (or whoever the manufacturer is...)

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if u had it less than a year and have the receipt.. simply walk into a carephonewarehouse or other phone store and they'll send it away for repair (they told me i could have a courtesy phone, but never got one)


although i heard orange are good at next day replacement, but not sure whether this is warranty based or only if u have insurance. ?(

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you have 1 years warranty from the date YOU purchased it, some companies try to get away with the well it was in the back for so many months


if sumits wrong wit ya phone, take it back

(if its phones4u and they ask for a recipt tell them to scan the IMEI of the phone in the comp and get it from therE)

doesnt always go bac kto manufacturer either, it may go to a repair company :thumb:

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