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in dash screen


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i'm thinking about getting this motorized in dash dvd and screen to go in a mk5b.


the head unit recess in the car is pretty deep (about 3") though so i'm unsure if the screen will be able to open past the deep lip in the dash.


does anyone know if it'll be alright as i dont won't to fork out the cash if its gunna be a problem.



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If its the same as the alpines then it won't.


when I put mine in I moved it to the bottom, very easy to do, get the metal cage and put some screws through it into the bottom of the gap, job done, then you just need to fill the hole, I started with gauges then got a seperate dvd player for it.


The only down side with it there, is you can't open the screen when you have 1st, 3rd or 5th gear selected as it hits the gear stick. :D




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