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The turbo


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thanks guys! much appreciated! makes modding so worth it! They are real pictures LOL unless i walked there! ha.


I bought her 3 years ago as a Escort Cabriolet 1.4 Limited Edition.. hence the two tone. Ive since spent lots of money converting it from a little baby cabriolet to the sleeper it is now, consisting of race seats and harnesses, lowered on 17s, install in the boot and an rs turbo convertion which drags me upto about 160bhp.


The splitter is a laguna splitter and its a pain in the arse cuz i keep catching it.. lol.. but well worth it on appearance. Ive never thought of silver really, wouldnt it crack?


Im hoping for cam, pulley, chipped to 200, and I/C soon, which should take me up to about 210bhp 240lb... hopefully!


Thanks again guys!

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