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Major Problem!!!


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I wouldn't worry too much just yet mate. SOmetimes these thigns go off key a bit.


My missus was late by a week before, mainly due to the fact that she kept on taking the pill, and not having a break, which threw her body clock out quite a bit.


Keep your head together, and remember, a punch in the stomach usually gets rid of :P Actually that was a joke, I wouldnt reccomend you actually doing it.

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depends whats going on in her life, stress an make em late....you say major problem but remember it takes 2 to tango ;)

easy tiger, im not the type of guy to shirk my liabilty to the situation nor am i the type of guy to shirk my respnsibly as an adult and potential father. I am not worried of the prospect of becoming a father just more of the timing.

EDIT: cant bloody spell though :rolleyes:

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4 days is nothing mate. I have been a week and a half late before-oh and 9 months late :roll:



If you haven't been using protection or pills then be worried (withdrawal method is not meant to count as contraception) :))


Best thing to do if you are really worried is to try Clear Blue- (pregnancy test)I did 5days after missed period and it was right!


Dont worry-it will all be fine...Just remember the rubber bag next time! :P

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and no point over dosing on the pills now mate, there for the mrs!


:roll: :roll:


Bexy ya don't hold back do ya miss, litterally- (withdrawal method is not meant to count as contraception)  :D  :roll:


bloody started. 


No point in beating around the bush (well maybe it would've been better to beat around rather than in, in this case!)


Literally bloody started I take it!


tescos bags are good, every little helps..




:roll: anythings better than a Mothercare bag mate!

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What's a rubber bag- I thought we were talking bout sex- not bloody shopping- was that bexy's fault!! :nutter:


God made us naked and natural- so lets continue that trend- BARE BACK!! :thumb:


God also made women with arm pit hair- so not always right!! ;) ;)


Not a church go-er if anyone's wondering- oh sh*t where's me bible- got sunday school work sheets to finish!

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