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Evo luck strikes again


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yup, had the car broken into at 2:45 this mornin, and NOBODY knocked to tell me the alarm had been going for 20minutes!!! i just so happned to need the toilet and saw indicators goin daft, grabbed my bat and flew out, heard footsteps and saw my door wide open with no glass in........

got to the car, all the I.C.E was there thank god (taking it out soon as its light), they'd jammed a chisel down the top of the rear door and jammed it open which smashed the glass, so i now have a bent door that dont seal 100%, and no window


called the cops, and i must say i was very pleased with their response time 4minutes (no i didnt dial 999)


they took the chisel away and said theres been a few escorts round our town in the last week being broke into modded + stnd


so all the theiving b:censored:tads managed to get was 2 neons (which i was going to take off next week and sell for £10)

BTW done all this with just me boxers and trainers on :curse:


went for a drive round but obviously no1 was around, asked my neighbour (milkman) to keep check whilst he's out


PS the car wasnt parked where the pics have been takin, i brought it rite to my window after (and THEN the neighbours woke up hmm...)







decision is now weather to tell INS or not...... coppers are goin to give me the names of anybody they suspect (i know its not sum1 from my estate as i kno EVERY1, and they all know the car)

:censored: :curse: :censored: :curse: :censored:

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looks like it, i wasnt bothered about the boot coz it wasnt finished and was kdis seemly, well this was sum1 wit a fair bit strength coz they'v prised the door open, locked with a lil chisel with no leverage, sent a txt to 99% of my phonebook askin to keep a ear out

had 1 name from the copper already, but im goign to wait til i'v got as many as im goign to then do them all in 1 go, so they cant phone each other and say am on me way to theirs, got it planned already

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guess u never heard the alarm going then, bugga

no i did but i thought i'd let them break into my car!



cumon think about it


EDIT: also i just remembered the subs are screwed in with lil star screws (u kno the 1s that hold seats belts ETC to the chassis)


suprised they didnt go for my parcel shelf though...

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8o :curse: hope you get it sorted soon mate.....although if people on your estate know what you have in the car and where it is...aren't you worried? It might be someone you dont expect....but saying that the Police did say there had beeen quite a few. X( :tired:
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nah, no1 wud dare in my estate, m8s with EVERY1

(not atall beign big headed, just i am a friendly person until provoked)



ALSO, since when have cops drove unmarked nissan primeras??? thought it was always ford/pug :| lol thought it was the theving twats cumin back and ran out wth my bat

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