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Eibach springs


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only want a very small drop like 30mm eibach springs but i want to know how they will handle? are they firmer than standard?

I currently have fully standard suspension but have fitted some of those large rubber spring stiffeners and the have reduced the pitch and roll drastically. Would the springs alone give me the same sort of stiffness and pitch to what i have now?

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I have them, and they are amazing. With a strut brace, you get very little body roll :D


They're expensive as Fcuk! I paid c.£250 when taking into account fitting and tracking done twice.


Can't compare them to other springs, as I don't have the 1st hand experience. But I can guarentee you won't be disappointed. :cheers:


Mine will be coming off in about 3 months, if you can wait that long. :)

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Well they're around £150 new. I understand there are brand new springs available for around £70 (puma).... so I'd be prepared to let them go for £60 delivered (or £50 collected).


Unfortunately I no longer have the box, that was sent to rachy with a set of standard springs a few weeks ago.


They've got about 12k miles on them.


Reason I chose Eibach is because of their popularity with the owners of high-end German cars :cheers:

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