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Idle Troubles and Thermo gauge


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Well my car isnt behaving


Ive just had a new clutch fitted and got back on the road which is great..


My problem is that the Car doesnt idle very well at all

when it starts it rises to 1,500 then drops down to below a thousand

and bounces back up and down and up and down


This is annoying as hell and the car stalls quite often..

It could be due to the K&N filter since it gets too much air


The other thing that is wrong is my Temperature gauge is stuck in the red

even after the car has been standing overnight and is very cold.


Any help would be appreciated as well as detailed instructions diagrams pics etc


Why The Hell Is My Car Being Badly Behaved



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dunno about the temp gauge but mine also has a bad idle problem, when cold the rev's go from 1,500 to 500 and bounce up and down until it is warm, i think it doesn't like not having a cat and still having the egr on it.


Sometimes aswell when it is warm you dip the cluch for a junction and the revs will die down to 500 and then jump back up to the norm rpm.


before i bought the car it had the ecu repaired and reprogrammed because it went into limp home mode (this was done by ford as the car was bought from a garage).


at the mo all is well :D :D :D :D :D

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Pleeeease help



my car is cold it says its hot


howd i fix it!


my car idles like a 1950 Ford Model T

It stalls whenever i get stop and put my clutch down


and the power steering goes heavy so i cant even turn when it stalls and i almost crash..


has anyone got any good websites with engine pics or diagrams


has anyone got a scanner and a Hanes manual for a mk6 escort

please scan the relevant bits in and post em or email me them


much appreciated


i will swap porn for help! :devil2:

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The Picture of the Escort Zetec Lump at the bottom looks like its had a Prang the front edge is all creased.....



ive got a 1998 18 SI

so i guess its the Later model inlet manifold

I will look when the daylight is back Gonna clean out the idle and work out the problem with the Thermo gauge being stuck in the red!


any ideas people??? wheres the sensor for the temp gauge ??

how do i remove it what could be wrong with it etc

could it be the dial is stuck ?? :nutter:

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