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seen my car today.....!!


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jesus hell......this things looking amazing!!!!!!


its not been painted yet! but im really impressed at how the cyclone skirts are going with the gti skirts, they give it a super look!!! im really impressed and can't wait on the car, got some pics but will need to wait to post them as the adapter is at work :( but they aint good, i didn't know how to turn the flash on, on the camera so i used me moms car headlights instead..


Also the rear spoiler is superb on the car, its really a class spoiler! im glad i didn't ditch the spoiler now....im in love :)


one down fall, my rear window smashed when they where welding the boot, but they are going to pay for it so not really a downfall!!!


A happy Pelles :)

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lol i was just checkin to see how long it would take u to post a msg bout that after we got back lol lol

as i thought it didn't take u long muhahhahahaha


and by the way it was MY idea to use ur old deers heedlights :-)


stay Cool bro,


Gaz 'the mak Daddy'


fone me the morra weeman and make sure u drop into ma naeberhood see ya




ps just wanted to see wot this sonic boy is all about lol

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hehe the pics dont show great detail on the spoiler since the spoiler is black and it was at night :( the spoiler is an evo one, it was picked from a catalouge at my local motorshop, it wasn't released when i ordered it so it was pre-ordered with me getting the first one ;)


the spoiler can be seen at www.pelles.co.uk/spoiler


and the rest of the car is still in its normal red with white kit, but its gonna look really good when painted........if the gold and red dye lives upto what i think it will come out :)

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well i was supposed to be getting it back early next week, but ive got my doubts that i wont see it for atleast a week or maybe 2...theres still a little bit of work to be done,


but the bodyshop told me the bottom half of the car is getting primered this weekend....so could be looking at next weekend.

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