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MK5b into a mk6?


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Right I was outside looking at my car a fwe minates ago and I was just looking at the car, and in my opinion the square lights of the mk5b just dont go with the rounded rear of the mk6.............


So I was thinking, IF (and this is a big if!) I was going to change my cars front around froma mk5b to a mk 6 would it work?


I mean, I know about the headlights, the bumper, grill and the bonnet, but I can get them down the scrapers no worries..........


I was then thinking, theres no real difference between the wings are there appart from the recess for the oval indicators, which I wouldn't want anyways......... Would the lights from the mk6 fit into the mk 5b wings, they are the same height and size (the one piece units........).........


So what all do you folks think? has anyone done this before, heard of it, what sort of problems would I have, would the wiring looms for the lights be different?


HELP! This is a serious idea im researching right now......

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Well the thing is I know that getting the parts sprayed and fitted would be no problem thanks to my mechanic mate, but the electrical side for the lights etc worries me a bit...........


Parts are easy to get a hold of, and thats why im seriously considering this idea, besides it will get a lot of people woundering about my car, mk6 exterior with a mk5 interiors is a bit different!


This is something im researching right now, and its gonna be one of these "after the alloys in february."


We I will be getting my bodywork done before the summer hopefully so I might as well get it all done at once.............


Then again, i have had another idea with the front bonnet, that im researching right now, and its a bit like scuzzies but with a nice rectangle in the middle of it instead of the ugly oval thing................


Was thinking about this, combined with an evo 6 bonnet vent, for something a bit different, as i want people to have to look twice at my car when its finished!


Ideas, opinions?

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the front arches would need to modified a bit as the mk6 lights are more rounded, so a bit of welding of extra metal but it has been done, i saw it yesterday at SOE Show, it was done to a mk5b estate.


It had Mk6 bumper, bonnet, lights but the arches had bits added to it (extra metal welded)


But the rest was a mk5b.

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Well ive invested a stipid amount in the car in the last couple of months so I wouldn't want to buy another car, only to have to start all over again!


I might just keep this idea on the back burner and look out for a rear end write off mk6 so I can get all teh parts!

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