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FAO astra si


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Hey Astra Si

theonly way to get 6x9's man is put them in the rear shelf

the only way to change the front dash speakers is to but a set of 4"mids 2"tweeters and put them were the existing speakers are and the tweeters u cut under the existing grill in the front bit also

i also mounted crossovers to suit the speakers and bass blockers all up under the dash cable tied up to everything else


May i also say

if your looking to change your clocks then all astra clocks except the GTE are quickly interchangable


if you havent got a rev counter then an SRI unit will look the nuts and also have a counter!

The GTE LCD display is a bit trickier

just but it from a vauxhall spares place and replace the sender unit also


My Astra spec b 4 i blew it up and scrapped it!



Helix 4" Component Mids comp series

Helix 2" Component Tweeters Comp Series

Helix Crossover to suit

Clarion Cd Headunit and Changer mounted under passenger seat

Kenwood 6x9's on a Homemade shelf

Jensen(shite) 600w 4ch Amp

Sony Xplod 12" Sub Very Cheap but quite nasty..


Oh and I Had SRI clocks as i couldnt be bothered with doing the GTE conversion with the gearbox sender unit..

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Sorry Astra


just noticed your reply


Vauxhall as well as many other car manufacturers build there carswith a standard wiring loom and cable system

That means the all cars except the GTE's

Had a Cable To connect to the rev counter its just hiding behind the existing clocks

Take out your clock unit swap it with a nice SRI clock unit and search behind where the unit is located for an existing speedo cable

its plug and play mate sooo easy..

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