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Yeah who did go from here in the end? Was great day in the end after certain people knowing where they were going (not!) then me having to take lead after going up the A3 3 times!


A bit disappointing when told the burnouts and donuts were cancelled due to the council saying it would cause noise pollution – admit I felt a bit ripped off and it seemed to defeat the object of having a legal cruise as people would go out and do it illegally again.


Great turn out of cars though, and the action did start – as usual the Fletcher brothers (aka the white cossie famous from Drivers from Hell!) in their cossies and Kev ‘donut King’ H from cruisesouth cruising into the ‘arena’ casually turning his sounds on then proceeding to give us an impressive display of what looked like effortless donuts in his 325i BM convertible. Poor Astra who's gearbox went bang, and the bloody Polo!!


You should've come Evo!



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