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Just intrested in what all you 1.8 Escort GTI and SI owners have had out of your cars Top End wise.. all ive got is 130mph and im keen to know how much mods such as sports exhausts and De cat Pipes add to the figure


Those with Cam Kits/ flywheels/130ps Throttle Housings and Cams

and those with NOS...


If you cud gimma ya top speeds and explain what engine/zorst work youve had done...


Also is there any other clock units available

mine seems to end at 140mph

im hopping to do a little more if u get what i mean!


**JonC BLK 1.8SI Does Not Endorse breaking any Laws**

**absolutely Not, not ever.** :devil:

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Don't want to rock the boat here, but all of the above figures are probably crap!!!, as Ford Speedo's are shite and very inaccurate at high speed.


Oh, and it's really not advisable to use NOS for any length at that kinda speed, or you'll regret it!!! :D :D

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