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Right people. The time has come (or is nearly here anyway) for more power :D I'm after some thoughts/advice as to which way I should go. I was looking into the throttle Ashley/Spencer body conversion for the Zetecs with a custom manifold which would have put me somewhere near 180 bhp, but I have heard a car with throttle bodies and it was so loud, and thats kinda putting me off. Then theres the cam/chip route which is very common and reliable. Or I could use the throttle housing, ECU etc off the 150ps engine with a Kent cam. Then theres my favourite, a turbo conversion. But I have found these to be very expensive and reliability is a major concern. Van Aaken are probably the company I'd like to do the work but as yet they dont do one for the Escort, and they just said to keep ringing every month as their bound to do one soon. So what does everyone think ?(
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My thoughts are these:


1. Don't use Van Aaken, they quote daft power figures which, from what I've seen, never materialise when the owner has it rr'd ?( ;( X(


2. What 150ps engine are you on about??


3. Throttle bodies are very loud....................but that's the point!!!!!!!!! :D , but I can't see them giving a 1.8 180bhp on there own!!!



Remember, power figures company's quote are NEVER guarentee'd!!! ;(

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Copy of an email from them.......


Hi Pete


Thanks for the enquiry. A good estimation of power from this would be around the 170bhp and 185 lb/ft torque on the 1.8 engine. The conversion includes a boost valve, 3D mapped ECU and the throttle body itself. As the system runs a new ECU chipping would be unneccessary as the unit could be remapped to any spec. The only other mod we would recommend is an exhaust manifold.





Midlands Performance Centre



Yeah I know the 2litre is completely different, I've been talking engines all day and my head hurts now :evil:

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the thing is with a turbo conversion you are looking at £2500 minimum for a stage one and about £3500 for stage 2 and that isnt even at 200bhp.


Spending that money you could get a rs and get it modified to near enough 200bhp (i think)


I think throttle bodies sound better, more aggresseive sound to them :D :D . Thats what i will be looking to do. If not keep the escort for stlye and sound and get a rsturbo for speed :D

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Anyone know how much an RST conversion comes in at ?(

Wouldn't be worth the cost, plus, an old engine in new-ish car????? Why?, and insurance would be stupid!!!!X(



Throttle bodies rule........... :thumb:


So who sells a performance manifold for the Zetec??? ?(

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