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Look what i`ve been driving!!!

Mk6 Si Ross

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This is the truck i`ve been driving past couple of days, they got a few P plate trucks but they given me, the agency driver a 51 plate 1 year old DAF, its limited to 56mph but has cruise control for them long motorway stretches :)


I`m loving it!!!!!!!




Nice comfy interior too!!!!!




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To get right through to Class 1 (C+E), artic licence, it's costing us around £1600.....


There is a job waiting for us at the local Asda (Goerge clothings distribution centre), delivering to stores and trunking.............starting on 20k basic which ain't too bad.


My father-in-law is member of management in the transport department there!!!!! :D :] :D :D :D ;) ;) ;) ;)

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is that a screen in the dash?

yes it is Chris!!!! it tells me allsorts of wierd Shite about the turbo pressure, you can set the alarm clock to wake you up and if you`re abroad see what time it is back in Blighty!!!!!!


Best bit though is the average miles per hour and fuel consumption screen!!!!! :)

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