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5 Days off the Booze!


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Did you know that after exercise is one of the worst times to drink booze if your going to drive? Something to do with the way the body is breaking down lyctic acid and glycose levels in the blood........




Usually on birthday, on holiday or new years and thats about it! I simplyprefer spending my money on my car, buying gamecube stuff and going out and having fun, and remember what happened last night.


Besides, I drive nearly every day as well..........

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This is from my friend Kathyrn who is a dietician (and a fix red head with big jebs and a peach of an ass!)




"Right basicially if you drink alcohol immediatly after any heavy exercise or extended period of sports activity such as rugby or football then your body will already be processing large amounts of stored glucose enegry (ie fat), and because the body is busy, drinking booze will not only slow down the process, causing your muscles damage (not giving them time to recover properly), but also the booze wont be processed properly so you run an almost trebled risk of developing "beer gut!""


Hope that answers your questions folks! Its amazing what type of students work in my Tesco!



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