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Trouble With the Feds


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Well Its a long story and i dont wanna elaborate to much basically i was driving home late wednesday and doing bout 50mph i passed a Astra Cop car sitting round a corner waiting for me to drive over the junction...


I was going fast enough to get there attention and didnt want the hassle of getting pulled and them checking my dodgy crudentials..


I Put me boot down chucked a left up a one way road the wrong way then a quick right


Jumped out took the keys outa the ignition and turned the lights off i then jumped an 8ft wall with a 10ft drop the other side (ouch)


Laying the other side of the wall in a flower bed listening to the cops looking my car over and talking on the radios


They found out where i lived and after searching the road and the block i was hiding in they jumped in the squad car and went to my house!!! Shite


I then jumped out of my hiding spot locked my car and ran into a pub car park 2 mins away


the bab spoke to me mum and she said i was out with friends... ;)


The cops then drove back to the car and searched more throughly i was hiding in the pub car park and the cop decided to search it luckily he missed me laying underneath a saab!


Well all this Shite scared the poop out of me but at least ive emerged unscathed and the police are none the wiser really :pig:


picked my car up 4 hours later when the heat was off


theyd stuck POLICE AWARE stickers on the front and windows...


Should all be great by monday when i pass my driving test (maybe)


Had it revoked 2 months ago.. :(

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Well if id been caught then the Shite would have hit the fan

but as they have no evidence i was driving ill be fine


Have only been driving the bare minimum possible


Hard to get anywhere from where i live


I E Walking

30 mins to nearest bus stop

30 mins to the nearseast high street

over an hour to work

even on a bicycle its a Fcuker believe me


Living out in the sticks is great for B road thrashing but bad for local ammenities


also if i dont drive to work, i dont work, i dont earn, i dont pay rent, the girlfriend leaves me, the car is sold and i am forced to live in a cardboard box someplace


Just wish me luck for monday!


will be coming cruises and shiz every weekend soon as i can..

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banned and speeding still... someone aint learnt there lesson...



if u really needed to drive for work your company could have spoken for your defence so you get a massive fine and not banned...

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As I said theres more to it than that..


and as for the speeding

it was only 50mph at midnight on a wide road with good visibility the car in front was doing the same it was only the car/zorst which got there attention..


as for the conviction

i sent a letter in from myself pleeding not to get banned

the company i work for did the same


The court went leaneant on me



the court didnt realise that 6 points would do mean it was revoked..

or at least if they did then they are heartless b*stards


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