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F.A.O Everyone


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Kazaa is full of spyware

there is a version without called kazaa lite

if you dont know what spyware is chek this website and download adaware latest version and also refupdate which is like an updator for adaware


Basically Kazaa comes with a load of spyware and a load of other crap such as gator which is Shite


the link for Adaware

Adaware spyware removal tool


The link for Kazaa Lite without the spyware

Kazaa lite


Hope this helps..


ive been broadband for 2years

worth keeping your eye on the level of spyware and Virus's on your system


For a free Hacked version of Norton antivirus try this website



U can also download thes other programs


Macromedia MX worth £900

Adobe Photoshop worth £££'s

Norton sys works worth ££'s

Winrar worth £20


there is all Grand theft auto 3 and a load of other games


Soldier of fortune 2 which i play loads

wont work multiplayer online but single player will work fine!


Online rules takes up 3 hrs + of my time a day!

the car takes up the rest.. :suprise:


I hope this helps a load of you :devil2:


Proves its not what you know but who you know

Just Ask me!


This was posted in another topic but i thought id make it a bit more visible


just to get your attention!

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