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i had a slight meeting with a hedge

Orion Si

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the other nite,

i was doin bout 70mph down a straight country road, i then looked in my rear view mirror to see wat everyone was doin in the back of the car, and wen i looked ahead agian there was a big mahoosive hedge straight in front 8o i crapped myself and slammed on the brakes. i skidded, turn full left lock and still goin straight 8o i then ended up on some gravel and skidded even more. i ended up doin bout 50mph into the hedge.

thank god the car and everyone was alrite

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happened to me once....just after i passed too, me gf pulled the ashtray out and as she pulled it out, she was putting force into it, the ashtray catapulted out all over me, i looked down to see wtf she'd done, split second later slamed on the brakes as me escort veres to the left, so i slammed into the kurb and was driving along the banking for a couple of seconds....


glad everyones ok ;)

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I had a hileriously unfunny close call about 4 months ago.


Was driving from my mates flat home in the dead of night through Belfast centre, and ways, the main part of the junctions leading up to the motorway outta the city is 6 lanes wide, so of course being a bit silly I was driving a bit over the 30 mph limit..........


And it was wet.....


Any ways, driving along and suddenly I remembered the fact that there is an enorumous 6 lanes into 3 lanes "r " shaped turn about 40 feet infront of me!


Anyways, colin heads into the cornor at around about 60 mph, feels the cars front wheels not turning, gives it full lock, grabs the handbrake, swings the car around in my best sega rally style, ends up with a sorta kick ass powerslide in the wet and then just in my moment of triumph............


I feel the back end going..........


I spin the car, at least 3 or 4 times, shits pants, and end up facing the right direction with the car stalled and a bunch of chinese people on a tour bus I just span past clapping their hands and pissing themselves laughing!


Worst part was, i would have been the classic wet ground into a hedge fecking big wall, and I dunno if id be here if it had have been!


Luck, would be an understatement!

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i love my car. even though it only a 1.6 its fast as fcuk, yesturday cos it was wet me and my m8 were seeing how long you can wheelspin for (this was done in a deserted car park) :D well wen it was my turn, i started off in 1st, i ragging the Shite off it so i put it in 2nd....... 8o it was still spinning so i put it into 3rd........ 8o 8o ITS STILL SPINNING, so i put it into 4th and it still spins but only a small one.


i was well chuffed :ghost:


i beat all my mates and earn myself £20 :P

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