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Tooooooooooo slow


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I was driving home the other night from work when i pull up at the lights at the front next to a Peugeot 306 with a woman in her 30`s in it, revved up a bit the lights went to amber my clutch flew up, i had the perfect take off but she was already about 30 feet in front of me all i could see was her D Turbo badge i was gutted not that a woman had burned me off but that a tin hat 306 TD had cained my ass.




:jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw:

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Humm, well with my BEAST of an engine, I can say ive been humiliated a few times, but I know my place, fortunatly theres yet to be a NOVA to beat me. So far, but unfortunatly a boy in work rolled up the other day with his new nova.


2.0 Engine along with the full works (cam, chip etc), so I reckon that would beat most of our escorts around here, considering the power to weight ratio.


Bet it handles like a caravan going round cornors with all the extra weight distribution at the front but!



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