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i been giving this alot of thought;


i was initially gonna go and spend £800 on a nos kit just for bursts of power...


but all day ive been thinking about a transplant, nothing too serious, i could probably insure upto a 1.8.


So my options are;


gti engine

si engine 130psi


Also would both of those engines fit straight into my bay? (mk5b) and what legal stuff do i need to do, e.g. vin number etc, do i contact dvla or something and give them new details on the car?


And, can people give me places to look for these engines, and a expected price that i would look to pay for, for one thats in good condition, and preferd low mileage.

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A good zetec engine is gonna cost at least £400 so unless your doing the work your self itsgoing to cost you a lot more then that, especially if you havent got a zetec engine allready cos it means all the wiring to.


You definitly have to let the dvla know but the best thing to do is send them an e-mail and ask i suppose?

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I wouldn't tell anyone i changed the engines either,the only give away is the size in the block but you can soon grind that off,and whos going to be bothered to look right under the engine :D

would i get away with that? lol


im gonna be stopped constantly up here once i get it back, dont know what its like down south but all done up cars up here gets stopped and spot checked......they have some evil grudge against us.....but mind you, they dont get to see the insurance documents. :D

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