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Everyone who wants clear rears!


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Ross, i emailed them about normall shape units, they didnt even email me back, so ive decided not to bother with them :vangry:

Funny that, Lee tried quadconvertions again and he got a reply


LETTER to them:

To whom it may concern,


I see from your web site that you do the quad rear light unit for a 1996 onwards Ford Escort, available with or without clear lenses. I was therefore wondering, as you have the means of making lights for the Mk6/7, if it was at all possible to do a lexus style light or an LED ring light unit for the Escorts, i`m sure they would sell like hot cakes too!!!!!!



Lee Richardson



Hello Lee,


We do a kit for the MK6/7.. Quad Conversions in Fast Car Magazine

It maybe that we convert it to LEDs but we have no plans at the moment.






I advise everybody to go on their web site and email them about doing just that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Has anyone got a good square on picture of the rear of a mk6? If so I have an idea with regads the quad conversions LED's, but i dont have a good picture, post in here, and i will get working on it, and you know what, it might even appeal to everyone, whilst also being not that expensive.........


Can anyone help? Post it here......

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